For Future Of Our Nation

Our Functions

  • To provide central training for the sugar industry.
  • To train persons as may be approved by the Institute’s Governing Council in such skills as may be required by the sugar industry, including sugarcane production, harvesting, processing, quality control, factory engineering, farm machinery, equipment engineering, basic crafts, general management and finance.
  • To continuously assess the training needs of the sugar industry with a view of developing appropriate training programmes and upgrade human resource skills in order to improve productivity.
  • To carry out studies or investigations relating to work performance including job specifications and work standards with the aim of improving productivity.
  • To carry out studies or research in sugar technology, machinery and equipment, information system to be used by the sugar industry.
  • To provide other training outside the sugar industry on commercial basis as may be approved by the Council from time to time.
  • To do all such things which in the opinion of the Council are beneficial and necessary for the development of human resources in the sugar industry.