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Programme Duration: 1 Year
Programme Level: Certificate Year
Programme Fee: 1750000.00 Year

This is a one-year programme with two semesters. The programme produces competent graduates able to carry out routine sugarcane husbandry, maintain production machines and equipment, and keep farm records. The programme equips graduates with skills and knowledge at routine level.

Programme Availability
National Sugar Institute

Mode of Study
Full Time

Semester 1
SPT 04101 Sugarcane Farm Preparation
SPT 04102 Sugarcane Seed Preparation and Planting
SPT 04104 Soil Fertility Management in Sugarcane Production
SPT 04107 Farm Machines and Equipment Routine Maintenance
SPT 04110 Safety in Sugarcane Production
GST 04111 Communication Skills
GST 04113 Algebra, Matrices and Statistics

Semester 2
SPT 04203 Sugarcane Pests, Diseases and Weed Control
SPT 04205 Sugarcane Irrigation
SPT 04206 Records Keeping in Sugarcane Production
SPT 04208 Machine and Equipment Practice
SPT 04209 Vehicle Systems Technology and Practice
GST 04212 Computer Basics
GST 04214 Geometry, Trigonometry and Vectors

The minimum entry qualifications of the candidates is holder of Certificate of Secondary Education
Examination (CSEE) with passes in at least three science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology,
Mathematics, Agriculture, Technical subjects and Engineering science, plus at least one pass in other
subjects except religious subject.
Or applicants who have undergone prior training under recognised vocational training centres and
attained National Vocational Award (NVA) 3 and a minimum of four passes (2 science and 2 Art
subjects) in their form IV to be eligible for admission into the programme.