For Future Of Our Nation
Mission, Vision & Core Values


To delivers quality training, research and outreach programs through good governance, innovation and efficient use of resources that meets varying needs of stakeholders


To be a centre of excellence for quality technical education in sugar and allied industries in Africa

Core Values


Our Functions

  • To provide central training for the sugar industry.
  • To train persons as may be approved by the Institute’s Governing Council in such skills as may be required by the sugar industry, including sugarcane production, harvesting, processing, quality control, factory engineering, farm machinery, equipment engineering, basic crafts, general management and finance.
  • To continuously assess the training needs of the sugar industry with a view of developing appropriate training programmes and upgrade human resource skills in order to improve productivity.
  • To carry out studies or investigations relating to work performance including job specifications and work standards with the aim of improving productivity.
  • To carry out studies or research in sugar technology, machinery and equipment, information system to be used by the sugar industry.
  • To provide other training outside the sugar industry on commercial basis as may be approved by the Council from time to time.
  • To do all such things which in the opinion of the Council are beneficial and necessary for the development of human resources in the sugar industry.

Our History

Historical Background

The National Sugar Institute was established in 1975 as a Vocational Training Institute in the country, actively engaged in training of artisans and technicians for sugar industry. It was formed as a department of Sugar Development Corporation (SUDECO) with effect from 30th December 1980 and was officially inaugurated on 8th August 1981 by the late first President of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius K.Nyerere.

In January 2002 the institute was accorded the status of Autonomous Institution under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, as a result of Sugar Industry Act No. 26 of 2001.


The NSI is located in Kilombero district in Morogoro region. It is situated about 157 km from Morogoro town, 350 km from Dar es Salaam. The Institute is closely sandwitched by Kidatu National Grid Hydropower,
Kilombero Sugar Factory, Udzungwa Natural Forest Reserve and Sanje Water Falls.

Our Governance

National Sugar Institute (NSI) is legally established as an autonomous public training institution under the Sugar Industry Act No. 26 of 2001. The institute is full registered and accredited by National Council of Technical Education (NACTE) to offer long and short courses in the Sugar industry and other Agriculture and Natural resources related disciplines.

The organization structure of NSI comprises of Chairman, who is the head of the institute’s Governing Council, Principal, who is the Chief Executive officer of the institute assisted by two deputies. The institution is designed to rest on two structural pillars namely; office of deputies and Units. The office of deputies provides expertise and support services to the institute on matters related to academic, research, consultancy, planning, finance and administration. The Units manage and ensure effective operations of all institute matters under each office of deputies and easy connection to the international community to facilitate tapping into the wealth of knowledge and expertise at global level.